what we make

the world
of moo!

With a challenger approach and intuitive consumer insight, we create exciting and engaging products and brands that consumers love; differentiating on Design Thinking - product innovation, packaging design and brand messaging.

Milky Moo is our flagship brand of dairy products. In this range we process Truly Pure Milk, Probiotic Dahi, Pouch Dahi, soft and creamy Paneer, refreshing Lassi and buttermilk and Meethi Mishti Dahi.
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MooShake is the world’s 1st milkshake with curcumin, the active ingredient in Haldi. MooShake presently comes in five flavors - Nutty Badam , Peachy Strawberry, Slurpy Mango, Oh So Chocolatee and Vanilla O La LA.
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